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Can I list my home on MLS® without an agent?

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

MLS® or Multiple Listing Service® is the online search platform that allows you to see homes up for sale in real time. Agents work hard to accurately input listing details to let you, the buyer, know as much about the home/property as possible. An MLS® listing also includes photos, room measurements, neighbourhood details and much more. This is a vital tool in showcasing a home for sale and reaching the largest possible audience, and it's also been a crucial tool to many people moving longer distances.

The short answer to the question "Can I list on MLS® without an agent" is NO, you can't. Without the assistance of a licensed Real Estate Agent who has access to this platform you cannot. do have options.

The first option is what is known as a mere posting. Some agents post listings on MLS® under limited-service agreements. Although they can do so without providing extra services, or representing your interests, agents are still obligated to ensure that any information presented in the listings is accurate. Typically costing a flat fee, a “mere posting” is usually a “for sale by owner (FSBO)” property, except it appears on an MLS® listing service. While selling a home privately is certainly your choice, it is important to emphasize that it is a substantial undertaking that requires significant time, effort and expertise. If you choose the FSBO route you will be responsible for everything, including setting the listing price, getting the property in “sell-ready” condition, advertising, managing showings, reviewing offers, negotiating terms and managing the paperwork once an agreement with a buyer has been reached.

The second option you have (which is THE BEST in my humble opinion) is to work with an agent. When you decide to work with an agent and have a full service arrangement, they are legally obligated to represent your best interests. Agents offer a broad range of service options, including monitoring market trends, property staging and preparation, offering strategic advice, arranging showings, negotiating, and managing paperwork on your behalf, and much much more.

Finding the right agent is an important first step. Don't discount new agents and don't just go for "The Name". Take the time to really connect with someone who will listen to you, take your best interests into account not just getting "the sale", and will put the time and energy into making magic happen!

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