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I Found This Cool House

Growing up I always loved to go to the farm. It wasn't a fancy place - an old story and a half with white clapboard and emerald green shutters sitting on the hill overlooking the two barns ~ one for cows and the other for the machinery. Being there I was carefree and content. Not only did I get to visit with my grandparents, but I also got to run, play with the cows, and jump in the hay loft. My brother and I have so many fond memories of spending time at the farm. Skip forward to today - I found this cool house. It doesn't have the barns anymore - they're long gone with the acreage, but it has a vibe. As I walked up the tree lined driveway, I took a deep breath of country air and was brought back to simpler times. A charming 2 story brick century home. Somewhere along the way someone has added a two car garage, but there's still a drive shed and outbuildings. Once inside the driveshed, my heart smiles at all of the character. The old beams still intact and the rickety stairs leading to the storage up above. Walking around the yard, I close my eyes and just listen to the birds chirping and the wind gently blowing. I feel incredibly removed from the bustle of city life and soak in the sunshine and peace of the moment. As I enter through the side door there's an entryway where generations of farmers left their boots and barn clothes and as I look to the left there's a tiny office where they would have kept up their ledgers. Into the main house I go and I can imagine all the people coming and going through the big country kitchen, the smell of fresh bread being made for the lunches and the millions of meals that were prepared. Looking towards the front, the sunshine is streaming in through the door and I am drawn into the screened verandah. Once again the sounds of the birds singing and bees humming lulls me back in time. Honestly, could it get any better?

Visiting this home helps me to remember to stop, listen and take a deep breath. It is an eloquent brick charmer - it's not open concept and updated with granite and custom designs like some of the newer homes but it holds something else - history, charm, character and stories of all the generations before. It has stood the test of time and remains strong and mighty.

This wonderful home is soon going to be on the market, ready to take in it's next family - to surround them in warmth, security and the love of generations past. It is simply a speck in the entirety of existence, but a very special one nonetheless, and one that takes you back to days gone by.

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