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My House Isn't Selling!

So you hired a great agent, you see your home on MLS, maybe it's in the weekly real estate paper and being showcased on Facebook but it's still not selling - what do you do? The quick easy answer is talk to your agent. You've entered into a client relationship with them because you like them, you've gotten to know them and you trust them. They are working in your best interest to help you sell your home. BUT....maybe there's another reason.

  1. Is it priced too high? We love our homes and we've watched the market over the past couple of years and sometimes what we feel our home should be worth and what the market tells us it's worth are miles apart. And you might say to yourself "but I just saw my neighbours house 2 doors up sell for $900,000 not even a year ago!", and you're right - it did. And now the market has changed. Work with your Realtor® to carefully look at comparable homes that have sold recently. Listen to the advice your Realtor® gives you when discussing price. Remember most times they are paid a percentage of what your home sells for so their genuine intention is to first SELL your home and secondly get YOU as much for it as possible.

  2. Is it still too personal? You've cleared the clutter, maybe rented a storage unit to house some of the boxes and to you it looks great - but remember it's not YOU buying the home. Have your agent do an honest walk through with you and listen to their suggestions with an open heart and don't be offended. They're there to HELP you get your home sold. Use pieces you have to better accentuate unique features of the home, be open to rearranging furniture or putting family photos or collections away just temporarily.

  3. Is your home tired? I know you LOVE that paint colour and that's why you never updated it 10 years ago, or the carpets are still in good shape even though they're 12 years old - but these are exactly the reasons people coming in to look at your home aren't as excited about it as you are. They feel it's tired and perhaps dated. Refreshing your home doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars and need a professionals decorators touch. A fresh neutral coat of paint goes a long way. Having the carpets cleaned or using area rugs to add a punch of colour and interest can totally change the way a buyer perceives your home. Remember it's also the regular maintenance chores that help present a fresh, clean impression. Clean your windows including the tracks - tip them in to get all the nooks and crannies. If you have a patio door, take a soft brush and clean the track and make sure it slides easily. In the bathroom, clean the grout on the floor tiles and in the bath/shower.

And don't get discouraged. Maybe your home appeals to a smaller demographic or the market has simply slowed down - it only takes 1 buyer and you want that to be the right person to love your home!

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