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Where Do I Even Start???

Are you thinking of downsizing but are overwhelmed at the thought? This can be a daunting and extremely overwhelming endeavour to undertake.

Perhaps you're a retiree and looking to simplify your life or maybe due to physical health you've reached a point where you need to downsize - regardless of the reasons, it's time to make a change, and when you look around your home you see a lot of "stuff". In my experience "stuff" can come in many shapes and forms and tends to multiply in the back corner when we're not looking!

When you begin to consider what downsizing might mean for you it's important to begin classifying your "stuff". Some categories might be family heirlooms to keep, family heirlooms that can be passed on, large furniture that stays in a large house (meaning it's not coming with you!), outdated decor, and many others. But while you're doing this, you're also going to start realizing the items that you want to come with you - but remember to downsize you must let things go. If you have a collection of 100 items, maybe choose 10 of them that are the MOST meaningful to you. If you're crafty this might be a fun opportunity to create photo books or "brag books" to document the collection before selling or donating it.

Now that you've figured out which items you want to take with you and what should stay, it's time to have a look at small homes, condos or apartments. All of these aren't created equal and it's important to figure out your must haves. If you're someone who loves to watch television and sports then you probably want somewhere with a comfy and spacious family room to enjoy the big game. Maybe you love cooking and a modern, spacious kitchen is on your must have list. Figuring out where you'll be spending your time and where you'll most enjoy spending your time will help you decide which floor plans and layouts best work for you. Along with this goes location - do you want to be on water? How about next to a park for your morning walks? Of course it's rare that we can get everything we want, but doing your homework ahead of time and putting in the thought before randomly touring 15 homes can save you and your agent A LOT of time and headaches!

Next up is budget! We all love to discuss money, but money matters and being honest with your agent about your maximum budget and "comfortable" budget is so important. We can't do our jobs to the best of our ability if we don't clearly know what we're working with. And be realistic. Yes homes are not going for as much as they were even a year ago but the market hasn't crashed and the chances of that happening are slim. Home prices are still high and now we're seeing multiple offers happening again. Don't let the idea of multiple offers scare you away - that's why you have an agent to work with and guide you.

Finally - give me a call. I'll help you get started. We can come up with manageable lists and check-ins. I'll help direct you to services and people. You don't have to be alone and you don't have to feel overwhelmed. The key to a successful transition is finding people you can trust and rely on, feeling like you're in control and not feeling pressured. I get it and I can help you.

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